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School Policies

Discipline Policy

As staff members of Winter Gardens Elementary, our goal is to provide a safe environment for children to learn and play. It is important that parents and teachers work together to help children become self-disciplined and responsible citizens.
The teacher discusses these rules with the class during school hours. Parents, please review the rules with your child.

1. Students will treat others with respect, courtesy and consideration by obeying the following school-wide rules:
  • Promptly obeying all directions of teachers and others in authority,
  • Use of profane language is not allowed,
  • Fighting, pushing or rough playing is prohibited,
  • Walk in hallways, around the restrooms, or on the stairs,
  • Place trash in containers,
  • Respect school property,
  • Chewing gum is not allowed,
  • Toys may only be brought at the request of the teacher for sharing or for special projects (toys to remain in room),
  • Students must remain on school grounds at all times unless they have written parental consent and the Principal's approval for a special program or project
  • The earliest arrival time is 8:15 a.m.

2. Students need to observe all safety and playground rules by:
  • Following directions of Yard Supervisors,
  • The throwing rocks or sand is not prohibited,
  • Kicking only balls designed to be kicked (i.e. kickball, soccer),
  • Staying out of the parking lot at all times, unless accompanied by a staff member,
  • Playing with equipment in designated areas only,
  • Using all equipment safely,
  • Using bathroom and water fountains at recess time,
  • Walking down stairwells, the flow of traffic on stairwells is always to student’s right-hand side
  • Children are to stay within the boundary lines painted around the building

Homework Policy

In an effort to provide an education that will meet the needs of the students, it is the policy of the Winter Gardens Elementary School staff to have directed homework beyond the regular school day. Parents are encouraged to turn off the television and prevent other distractions. Parents are also asked to provide a quiet place for study.

Definition: Homework is defined as those tasks which are assigned to students by teachers that are to be carried out during non-school hours.
Purpose: Homework is designed to fulfill various objectives, some of which are outlined below.

1. Homework will be utilized to help foster responsibility in each student.
2. To serve as an extension and reinforcement of concepts taught.
3. To enhance creativity and develop higher level thinking skills.
4. To further parent involvement in the instructional program.
5. To bring about the awareness that learning can also take place outside the school environment.

Descriptors: Homework is described as those tasks which need not necessarily be pencil and paper assignments. Students may be asked to make observations, estimations, collect nature samples, newspaper clippings, read silently or aloud, and/or prepare various projects. Assignments should be lengthy enough to be worthwhile, yet not so long as to be a burden.

Modes of Feedback: Homework will be monitored on a regular basis. Students will be made aware of the rewards and consequences of completing or not fulfilling assignments. Students' work will be evaluated by various means i.e., teacher, instructional aides, and/or peers.

Time Recommendations: Students, on the average, will receive a minimum of four nights of home- work per week. To follow are the average recommended minutes per grade level.
K 20 minutes per day
1st 30 minutes per day
2nd 40 minutes per day
3rd 45 minutes per day
4th 50 minutes per day
5th 60 minutes per day

Student Certificates and awards

Student Recognitions Assemblies will be held by trimester. Students in grades K-5 can be honored in the categories of Academic, Effort and Citizenship. Perfect Attendance is also distributed at this time. Parents of students who are being honored are also invited to attend these assemblies.


Students will be receiving Pinky Rewards for all staff members. Once a student gets 5 rewards they will go to office to redeem for a prize/incentive.
In addition, students will be entered into a raffle held on Friday's or at our monthly 'School Spirit Assemblies'

Playground Good Behavior Rewards

WGE Pinky Rewards will be given by the yard supervisors & other staff members for good student & class behavior.
•Good behavior on playground, no white slips to teacher (given to individual or whole class)
•Lining up for lunch near cafeteria in an orderly fashion (given to whole class)
•Maintaining cafeteria tables and eating area clean (given to whole class)
•Walking into office in orderly fashion (given to individual student or group)
"Blue" Pinky Awards can be collected through out the school year will be redeemed in June. Each class may select class prize based on the number of Gold Dollars earn by students.